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Clover Leaf cheddars are 100% Canadian made. Through our natural aging process, these cheddars range from a mild, young cheddar to a fully aged extra old. Quality Clover Leaf cheddars will satisfy your every taste. We offer a variety of packaging options including, sliced, shredded, cubed, as well as a wide selection of pre-packaged pieces for your convenience. 

Our Canadian made specialty cheeses come in a variety of flavours and sizes, with enough choices to appease your every taste. From the mild Havarti to the zesty Jalapeno Jack, our cheese is sure to please. If a Greek salad is on the menu, our selections of plain and flavoured feta will make your salad a hit. Olives you say? Clover Leaf offers Kalamata and Musco Olives too! 

Your taste buds can travel around the world with Clover Leaf’s imported cheese selections. If it is Dutch cheese you desire, our Goudas come in a variety of flavours from mild to a lively smoked hot pepper. For those Italian lovers, we have Romano, Padano and Parmesan to accompany your favourite pasta dishes. Other selections include a tangy Danish Blue, a mild and creamy German Butter, bold English cheddars or a true blue English Stilton. Try a taste of Switzerland with our Gruyere or Emmental or head off to Norway for some Jarlsberg, Sno Frisk or Gjetost. Enjoy your taste travels!

If it is cream cheese you want then try any one of our many flavours. When having wine with friends, nothing is better than a room temperature Brie or Camembert. For those who prefer a stronger flavour, Cambozola is a taste sensation.

Clover Leafs Grated Parmesan is second to none! We have several different blends in a variety of containers and sizes. This long time favourite will be just the compliment you need for your meals. Don’t stop there though. We have Grated Romano and Cheddar too! 

For a quick snack in the middle of your busy day, our line of ready to serve favourites is a must. If a late night nibble is what you need, try our line of products!

Clover Leaf offers an alternative to cows milk cheeses. Our full line of goat cheese products will satisfy any cheese lover’s taste buds. We offer Brie, Cheddar, Mozzarella as well as Feta. For a more refined taste, we have Snofrisk, Snow Goat or a flavoured spreadable Chevre. Even if you aren’t looking for an alternative, our Goat cheese line is worth a try. 

What a time saver. Whether you are looking for convenience in your home recipe or bulk packages for production facilities, Clover Leaf carries a full line of shredded products. We not only have shredded cheddars, but we also shred Feta, Asiago and Swiss as well as several blended varieties. Save some time and let Clover Leaf shred it for you. 

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